Sigrun's Norse History Site

Hi, this is my site for storage of information I've gathered and want to share.

It's for history, genealogy and the like.

Pardon the lack of structure.

As this is a work in progress more information is planned and some may be corrected as additional sources are analyzed. This is mainly just my notes at this point. I hope to include some information on Ragnar Lothbrock and cover the historical side of the television show The Vikings.

The Bonde Line

My patrilineal descent.

The Sudreim/Sudrheim Claim

My grandmother's descent from the heirs of Sudreim claim to the Norwegian throne.

The House of Stenkil

A supplement to the Sudreim Claim line. This follows the line from Erik Segersäll through the Bagler Party princes of Norway and then to the Sudreim line.

Ancestors of King Håkon V of Norway

A supplement to the Sudreim Claim line. We examine lines both well documented and from the sagas detailing Håkon V's descent from Harald Fairhair and Yngvi Freyr, Håkon the Mighty and Odin, Ragnar and Lagertha and even a line to Thor.

To be added later:

The Vasa Kings

My descent from the Vasa dynasty of Sweden.

The Kings of Sweden

The Kings of Denmark

Ragnar and The Vikings (television show)

Strong Women (Shield-maidens) in My Ancestry

Descents from King Christian III of Denmark and Norway

The kings of Mann and the Isles

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